My Story

My “Story”:

Or… Our Past Is A Great Place to Be From…

(Spoiler Alert! if my story seems ‘Too Good to be True’… Just wait until you see our Testimonials)

Many agree we want our life to be Better than it is Right Now… No matter where we are in life, we can always find room for improvement. For some of us, Lots of Improvement would be nice. The problem we face is this: We have to be Willing and Ready to Change.., at least be able to accept positive change…

Please understand that Negative change happens whether we’re ready or not…  and the truth is, many have not yet reached their ‘Rock Bottom’ or ‘the End of their Rope’ the way I had… The truth is, many are not yet done with their suffering… life is still “Ok enough” or “Good enough.” This website is not for those people… “We can Help Anyone with Anything they “Want” help with..”

Please understand there is absolutely No Judgement here and Believe me when I say, I can fully appreciate ‘Dark Times’ and ‘Dark Places in our life…

When starting on this journey, I had no desire to help anyone but myself, and felt I was by far too broken to do anything about it… Something had to change because life wasn’t worth living and I believed the world would be a better place if I wasn’t here…

Labels of Brokenness :

Mental Health professionals had diagnosed me with several ‘Alphabet Issues’ such as Dysfunctional ADD, OCD with perfectionistic tendencies, BPD which basically means ‘does not play well with others,’ PTSD with no memories before the age of 9 and Clinical Depression with Suicidal Tendencies… But wait, there’s more… They had tried every kind of Behavioral Therapy they knew including multiple ‘Drug Cocktails’ and for me… none of it worked…

I felt that if the ‘Experts‘ couldn’t fix me, I must be too broken to be fixed… and although I never really attempted suicide, it constantly filled my thoughts… I knew I didn’t have whatever it took to end my life… even so… I just had to do something because nothing was working and there was too much suffering…

In my darkest time, I yelled at GOD and told Him to Fix me or Get me off this Rock because I just can’t do this anymore!”

Little did I know my entire life’s suffering had been created from a single, simple misunderstanding from my childhood…

The Search for Better Begins:

After learning about Hypnosis, I tried it and it seemed to help, so I became a Master and trainer of Hypnosis (remember the “OCD” i just couldn’t help it…) and then NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Mastered that as well…

Thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars later I had enough certificates to wallpaper a small room, well almost… and while life was a little better, I wanted more, I wanted Amazing!

All the Guru’s in the Self-Help books kept saying, “You can have it all! Just give us your credit card and sign here!” I just kept thinking “I must be too broken.” I still believed the “Amazing” part of life was reserved for others… and not someone like me.

The Rest of the Story:

And then I met a brilliant man named Robert Fletcher who had spent over 45 years studying and learning how our Mind and Body works and how it can heal itself… He quickly and gently helped me get my mind to start working for me…

Robert helped me find and realize the foundational ‘misunderstanding‘ that had created all of my suffering… and in that moment of realization, I relaxed for the first time I could remember… and also in that moment, I knew I had to master this “Thought Pattern Management!” After studying with Robert, I began facilitating and then Co-Training TPM with Robert and became the first Certified Trainer and then Master Trainer of TPM…

The Amazing Life Journey Continues:

Now that my mind was getting back on track and I was feeling Happier and much better about myself, the next step was Better Health… It turns out I was a victim of “S.A.D”(the “Standard American Diet”) also affectionately known as the ‘Drive-Thru Diet,’ which wasn’t exactly helping me as I was 60+ pounds overweight and feeling really old at 45…

A physical Exam revealed really poor health and further tests showed I was toxic, acidic and my body and mind was struggling to function… Now that life is worth living, I got motivated and realized I had some learning, changing and clean-up to do!

The Rest is History…

After learning how to fix myself, we started helping others with TPM full time, opening an office in 2004, and in 2010 we opened our Wellness Center to share with people all the healthful and healing resources available for everyone today.

Since that time the internal progressive and generative processing of my mind continues and life just keeps getting better… Even when there is chaos all around, my mind is still and the inner peace and love for self and others remains.

How Good Do You Really Want Your Life to Be?

Over the years we have continued building on what was learned and by asking the question: What else is possible? We have developed and now have the Keys to fully Awaken our Mind, Body and Spirit!

We are using Advanced TPM along with several other processes in helping people Awaken their Full Human and Spiritual Potentials and Accelerate Full Enlightenment… Many clients have moved more than 200 points in consciousness in a single session. (This is based on Dr. David Hawkin’s Map of Consciousness. See ‘Power vs Force’ by Dr. David Hawkins)

What is an Amazing Life?

  • How about a Life Free of Stress and Anxieties!
  • How about a Life Free of Problems, Fear and Worry!
  • How about an Active Life, Full of Fun and Excitement!
  • How about a Life being able to Love Yourself and others!
  • How about a Life Free of Negative Habits and Behaviors!
  • How about a Life Free of Aches and Pains and Discomfort!
  • How about a Life where You’re Appreciated for Who You Are!
  • How about a Life Full of Happiness, Satisfaction and Vibrant Health!

Just Think About It… What will make Life Amazing for You?

Ask most people if they want their life to be truly Amazing, and they will answer YES! And yet most people have no idea how to have an Amazing life.

HERE’S the Good News… We Can Help !

For many, life would be Amazing if they could just get rid of their Problems for awhile and just have some time to breathe… We want Everyone to understand that it gets so much better than that! Once the problems are gone, you have the rest of your life to go, and do, and have, and be, whatever you want…

Think about it… What Do You Really Want Out of Your Life?
… and … What If You Can Have A Better Life Now?

There are 3 Main Pieces to an Amazing Life: Health, Happiness & Success!

  • Health: This includes our Physical, Mental, Emotional and  Spiritual Health. Without our health, the rest of our life can be really challenging.
  • Happiness: Everyone wants to feel and be happy.  You don’t have to Wait or Plan for Happiness… Happiness is something you can have Right Now!
  • Success: This means different things to different people. The common denominator is ‘Our-self.’ Everyone wants Success in some form… So what’s holding Me back?  Ask yourself, “What is keeping “Me” from Everything I Want in Life? The answer is: We are the only ones who can keep our-self from being Successful. We must learn ‘how to get out of our own way’ so we can create all the Success we want!

So what’s the Secret to Living an Amazing Life?

No Secret.., We Have the Answers You Are Looking For…

Now is a Great Time to Get Started!

Start Now, and you will quickly begin living the life you most want to live which is so much better than looking back on this moment wishing you had…

Using the knowledge of over 50 years of Neuro-Science Breakthroughs, we have helped thousands of others just like you retrain your mind, using World Class Strategies to give you the resources you need to begin living Your Best Life Right Away!

Most Experience Positive Life-Lasting Results in just a few sessions…

Be sure to See what others are Saying about their Experience with us and you can be confident we can help you as well!

Just contact us to Get Your Free 30 Minute Consultation so We Can Help You Begin Living Your Best Life Today!