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About Rich Aydelott

Helping you and your loved ones live more Amazing Lives is Rich’s greatest passion! He encourages you in Living Each and Every ‘Moment’ Being Fully Present, and in Finding and Living “Your” Greatest Passion…

The desire for his own mental, emotional and physical healings prompted research and many trainings, leading to mastery in several Holistic Healing and Rapid Transformational processes including Master and Trainer of Advanced Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapies, Creation Technologies, EFT, among others along with studying scores of alternative methods and processes including Energetic Healings such as Pranic healing, Yuen Energetics and Usui Reiki, attaining Level IV Master Teacher of Reiki through three separate lines. Rich has a life-long fascination with unlocking the unlimited and innate power of our Mind and awakening our fullest human and spiritual potential; it’s like solving the ‘Ultimate Puzzle.’

In his ever continuing search for the ‘Best of the Best’ tools, he found a little known process called Thought Pattern Management® also known as TPM®. TPM® easily, safely and gently helps us resolve our deepest and most serious problems, transforms our negative behaviors and ultimately helps us unlock our fullest Human and Spiritual potentials. Rich credits TPM® with saving his life and helping him attain a quality of life truly worth living. After becoming the world’s first Trainer & Master Trainer of TPM®, he devotes his life to helping others and finding ever better ways to end human suffering.

After TPM® gave Rich a life worth living, he began studying directly with Robert and over time, began co-training with Robert. Rich became the world’s first Trainer and then Master Trainer of Thought Pattern Management®. TPM® easily, powerfully, safely and gently helps us quickly resolve our deepest, darkest and most serious problems, transform our most negative behaviors and begin unlocking our fullest potentials to enjoy living our best life.

After studying many healing and transformational modalities over the years, such as Inner Child, Family Constellations, EMDR Rapid Eye Therapy, EST, Gestalt Therapy, Sedona Method, Huna, Matrix Energetics, Kinesiology, Holodynamics, Guided Imagery, Healing Metaphor, Clean Language, Yuen Energetics and others, Rich distilled these concepts and knowledge to develop a simple, gentle and powerful process to help us easily create harmony in all areas of our life by healing the many fractured aspects of self… This process called the A.R.T of Unconditional Love™. Through the rapid and gentle healing and harmonizing our Mind, Body and Spirit, people are experiencing Life-Lasting Transformations in ways that continue improving over time. Where many processes take weeks and months to learn, the powerful yet gentle A.R.T of UC Love™ process can be easily learned in just two days.

As a seasoned Master Coach, Life Coach, Results and Motivational Coach and Health & Wellness Coach, Rich helps his clients resolve their hidden blocks and accelerate their success.

As a Key-Note speaker, and Trainer, Rich enjoys presenting and teaching seminars, workshops and trainings internationally and working with clients throughout the world, both in person locally, and internationally by phone, Skype, internet and other web-based technologies.

In 2004, Rich founded the Amazing Life Institute, adding the wellness center in 2010 for teaching people how to restore their  health and helping people find healing with all manor of life’s challenges affecting and afflicting their Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health, while increasing Happiness and Life Satisfaction.

In 2006, Rich was invited to present at the International World Health Conference, attended by Health and Wellness practitioners from 15 countries, where he taught some of the more advanced Thought Pattern Management processes, including some he personally developed.

Rich’s personal mission is to End Human Suffering and to help everyone, young and old alike, realize how easily we can unleash the power of our mind and create our own Amazing Life! He is currently advancing the “Human Potential Project” and is continuing to explore and create ever more efficient processes to rapidly increase our awareness and safely open and awaken our fullest Human and Spiritual Potentials and Accelerate our Enlightenment. “We are all so much more capable and amazing than most people can even begin to imagine!”

By creating profound harmony in all aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit, people are experiencing Life-Lasting transformation in ways that continue to improve over time. We now know our mind can easily do in just minutes to hours what most have been unable to accomplish in weeks, months and years!

As part of this mission, Rich desires to spread this knowledge and create Community based Wellness Centers in every neighborhood bringing highly effective and easily affordable Health and Wellness to everyone.

About Robert Fletcher

Creator of Educating the Mind™ and Thought Pattern Management® programs.

In 1968, Robert Fletcher was an educator and administrator for the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind. He taught and worked with Deaf, Blind and Autistic children, many having ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and other learning disabilities, in addition to serious mental, emotional and psychological issues. Since the school was a boarding school and a vocational school, these children were living on campus away from their families and homes. Robert and the other instructors filled in as best they could becoming their surrogate families as they taught the children not only the subjects of school, but a vocation as well so they could learn to become as self sufficient as possible.

In order to be as effective as possible in teaching these students, he took on the role of their confidant and counselor, and Robert constantly searched for better ways to communicate and to really help them live their best possible life.

Robert learned and later taught evening speed-reading courses for Evelyn Wood for more than ten years. He was amazed at the power of the mind as he regularly taught people to read at speeds of 10 to 100 times their old speeds while dramatically improving their comprehension.

He continually sought and researched better methods of excellence and better tools he could use to help his students. Around 1976, family crisis struck and he began researching methods to help family members with serious depression. For the next couple years, Robert read at least 2-3 books every night on varying subjects of psychology, psychiatry, healing, anatomy, physiology, science, etc., anything he could get his hands on that may provide the answers he was looking for.

During this time, he received training and certification in six levels of hypnosis including master of hypnotherapy, medical, and dental hypnosis. Robert then came upon several books on Neuro-lingistic Programming (NLP), and was so intrigued with its theory and methods, he began teaching the NLP ‘spelling strategy’ to his class of deaf students who raised their spelling level by two whole grades in only two weeks.

Robert, having similar successes with other NLP techniques, went on to learn all he could about NLP and received his NLP training at the first practitioner seminar offered by Suzi Smith and Tim Halbom’s at Anchor Point Institute. He assisted Robert Dilts in several of his early seminars and went on to receive every certificate and training available in NLP. (Suzi Smith, Tim Halbom and Robert Dilts are now internationally known and well respected in the NLP community) Robert utilized everything he could find and given the difficult circumstances quickly found what worked well and what didn’t. He says, “find something that works and the find at least three different ways to achieve the same results.” He went on to take every type of course and read just about every book he could get find in the pursuit of helping his students. His many stories are amazing and the results are seemingly unbelievable, and yet the people and lives he’s changed are very much real.

When Robert retired from the School system in the early 80s, he pursued private practice. Even today, he continues to develop new, powerful and very innovative methods for helping children and adults of all ages with learning disabilities, and all types of personal and family issues. Robert combined all of his knowledge and expertise into the methods and program now known as “Educating the Mind™ for effectively dealing with learning disabilities and developed his ideas and techniques developed over the past 45 plus years into the processes now becoming known around the world as Thought Pattern Management® and TPM®