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Or... A Great Place to Be From...

(Spoiler Alert! This story seems 'Too Good to be True'... Just wait until you see our Testimonials...)


Many agree we would like our life to be at least a little Better than it is Right Now... No matter where we are in life, we can always see a little room for improvement. For some of us, Lots of Improvement would be nice. The problem we face is this: We have to be Willing and Ready to change.., at least in a positive direction... Negative change can happen whether we're ready or not... The truth is many have not yet reached their 'Rock Bottom' or 'the End of their Rope' the way I had... The truth is many are not yet done with their suffering... life is still "ok" or "Good enough." This website is not for those people...


Please understand there is absolutely No Judgement here and Believe me.., I can completely appreciate 'Dark Times' and 'Dark Places in our life.


When starting on this journey I had no desire to help anyone but myself, and was way too broken to do anything about it... Something had to change because my life wasn't worth living and I felt like the world would be a better place if I wasn't here... Mental Health professionals diagnosed me with several 'Alphabet Issues' such as Dysfunctional ADD, OCD with Perfectionistic Tendencies, BPD which basically means 'does not play well with others,' PTSD with no memories before the age of 9 and Clinical Depression with Suicidal Tendencies... But wait, there's more... They tried every kind of Behavioral Therapy they knew including multiple Drug Cocktails and none of it worked... I felt that if the 'Experts' couldn't fix me, I must be too broken to be fixed... and although I never really attempted suicide, I thought about it constantly... I knew I didn't have whatever it took to end my life... I just had to do something because nothing was working... (Little did I know my entire life's suffering had been created from a single, simple childhood misunderstanding...)

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1. Dissove Stress & Anxieties


What is 'Stress' when you really think about it?

'Stress is our inability to resolve what is happening on in our life.'


What is Anxiety?

"Anxiety is simply a projection of negative past events into our future." ~Robert Fletcher

Difficult and unresolved events from our past, especially events that are emotionally charged, may bring up our fears. Our fear causes our Stress and Anxieties when believing they may happen again...


Why do some have more Stress and Anxiety than Others?

It often depends on our level of Skills and Abilities. Do we have all the resources we need to deal and cope with our life's situations..?


What does this mean? It means for anyone having the Right Skills and Abilities; the right coping skills, etc. there is little or no stress. For them this is just something they need to do and they have the resources they need to get it done and have it turn out the way they want. And thewhole process may actually be enjoyable.


Is it really this simple? Yes! Think of some old challenges or events you can now handle easily. Events that caused you stress or anxiety when you were younger... Now notice you can do those things often without even thinking about it...

Just think about the first time you sat behind the steering wheel of a car learning how to drive... For many this was a very challenging, anxious and stressful experience.


Now ask yourself if you have ever missed an exit because your mind was somewhere else... For most of us the answer is Yes... So how did we get from that Stress and Anxiety of learning to drive, all the way to being able to drive without thinking about it...?


The Answer Is: Because this is the way our Mind works. Whatever we do repeatedly, becomes Automatic. Good or Bad, Right or Wrong doesn't matter... Practice become permanent! ... or does it?


So How Can We Help You?

Just like we have for thousands of others... Using the knowledge of over 50 years of Neuro-Science Breakthroughs, we help you retrain your mind, using World Class Strategies to give you the skills and resources you needs to dissolve even deep-seated Stress and Anxieties for good!

Most experience lasting results in just a couple sessions...

Just contact us to Get Your Free 30 Minute Consultation and make sure this is Right for You Today!

And you'll want to See what others are Saying about their Experience with us and you'll can be confident we can help you as well!


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2. Transform Negative Behaviors

Do you know anyone suffering from:

  • Procrastination
  • Lacking Motivation
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Addictions and Compulsions
  • Feeling Helpless and Hopeless
  • Negative Thoughts and Behaviors
  • Struggling Day to Day Trying to Maintain
  • Low Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and Self-Image

Would You Like to Feel Better?
Would You Like to Live a Better Life?
Would You Like to Look Forward to Happier Times?


We Can Help You With All This and Much, Much More!

How? Over 50 years of breakthroughs in Neuro-Science allow us to understand how our mind works,
why we do the things we do and how to help our minds function better and at higher levels than ever
thought possible. This includes quickly solving these problems and creating positive behaviors. We are
now able to Safely, Gently and Quickly get to the deepest foundational layers where these problems
reside and resolve them for good!

As Difficult as these issues are… the Good News is our Mind is much more powerful and capable than you
may currently believe! We can help you resolve the underlying causes of these problems more safely, gently,
quickly and affordably than you can imagine!

Over the years we have helped many people just like you, Live Better, Happier and Healthier lives, and in just
a few sessions! Let Us Help You Begin Living the Life You Most Want To Live!

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3. Optimize Health & Wellness

Health is more than just the absence of Pain, Illness and Dis-ease... True Health is the Full and Complete Vibrant and Energetic functioning of 'Every Cell' and 'Every System' in our Mind and Body Our Mind and Body's ability to heal and self-correct has been widely known for thousands of years and is still the subject of intense study. Basically, when we Give our Mind and Bodies what it needs and Remove from it what is causing problems, our health is restored!

Optimum Wellness goes so much further and includes every aspect of our lives: Mentally, Emotionally, physically and Spiritually! Optimum Life Wellness goes beyond just Healing our Mind and Body... It is about creating Real Harmony in "All Aspects of Life" because our level of Wellness affects the Quality of our Relationships, our Ability to Fully Enjoy Life, Our Ability to Make a Living, and even our Ability to Have Fun!

  • Are you suffering from Poor Health?
  • Are you Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

When You're Ready... We Can Help!


Would You Like to Have:

  • More Energy and Stamina!
  • More Mental Clarity and Focus!
  • More and Better Sleep at Night!
  • More Happiness and Joy In Your Life!
  • A Better Quality of Living Life Overall!

We Can Help!

The standard Health Model in our society is to “Manage our Symptoms.” We have a Pain and the
answer is to take a “Pain Killer” to mask the “Pain Symptom” rather than find the Root Cause and
resolve it… Does this make any sense? Actually it makes "Dollars and Cents!"

Our Comprehensive 3 Part Program is just what you have been looking for! It is Easy and it is
Affordable! We can actually show you how to Restore and Maintain your Optimum Health!


Our Program is Easy as A. B. C. 1. 2. 3.

We can create a Custom Program that works for You, Your Budget and Your Lifestyle!

Over the years we have helped many people just like you, Live Better, Happier and Healthier lives, and in just a few sessions! Let Us Help You Begin Living the Life You Most Want To Live!

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4. Maximize Mental, Emotional & Physical Performance

We Help You Perform Beyond Your Very Best! 

How is this possible? It's really Simple... What we 'Believe' drives both what we 'Do' and 'Don't Do'... and 'How' We Do or Don't Do it... Have you ever had an “Off Day" where things just didn't work out and you just couldn't seem to get your head in the game? Everything felt like a Struggle and you always seemed behind? Can you remember what you were focusing on? Was it Positive or was it Negative? Remember, Whatever we Focus on Increases in our life... and the Opposite is also true...

Have you ever had a “Flow Day" where everything seemed to go really well? Everything seemed easy and you were on top of whatever happened?

Which of these two days would you rather have more of? Easy question, isn't it?


Would You Like To:

  • Learn More Easily!
  • Improve Your Memory!
  • Have More "Flow" Days!
  • Improve Your Mental Game!
  • Improve your Emotional Game!
  • and... Improve Your Physical Game!

We Can Help!

Tiger Woods raised the bar and changed the Sport of Golf forever with his ability to Focus and Visualize the Golf Ball going exactly where he wanted it… Top athletes routinely visualize their strategies for winning before and during their event. It is their ability to focus that keeps them at the Top! (Also, when he changed his focus away from his sport.., well the rest is history...)


What if You can easily improve your Academic ability and Learn More Easily or Better your Sports Performance with Fewer Shots on the Green, or Improve Your Memory so you can excel at work or just live a Better Life and Achieve More with Less Effort… And What If It Is Easier than You Can Imagine?


What if We can help you Achieve Better Performance Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually by accessing the areas and levels of your our mind that already operate at these levels…


Over the years we have helped many people just like you, Live Better, Happier and Healthier lives, and in just a few sessions! Let Us Help You Begin Living the Life You Most Want To Live!

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5. Create Automatically Inceasing Success

Many are surprised to find the Outcomes of our Life, Good or Bad, Happy and Sad, are largely a Result of Our Unconscious Habits, Patterns, Programs and Behaviors! Meaning our life is happening Automatically and we are getting the results we get without even thinking about it... after about 30 years of age over 95% of our Life is on 'Auto Pilot!'

The Questions is: "How do we change what we are largely unaware of?"


Would You Like To:

  • Create Positive Motivations!
  • Create Positive Habits and Behaviors!
  • Go From Problem Focus to Solution Focus!
  • Get Your Auto-Pilot Creating Your Best Life Now!

We Can Help!

Why do we do what we do? Have you ever though about this...? Why do we Think the way we Think, Act the way we Act, Speak, Eat, Walk, etc., and the list of behaviors goes on and on… How did we get to be the way we are? Why is “This Something” more important than “That Something?” How did we get “So Good at This,” and Not So Good At That?” How did we end up “Liking This” and Not Liking That? ...Because "We Learn What We Live!"


“The Chains of Habit are Too Weak to Feel until they are Too Strong to Break!”  Samuel Johnson


As intriguing as these questions are, the answers are very much unique to you… All of these things come together to make the “You” that is uniquely You, and there is no one else in the world exactly like you. The answer is Habit by Habit… Action by Repeated Action and Inaction by repeated Inaction… Over time our Habits become Automatic Programs that just run… Well, What Can We Do About it? Do We Have to Be Stuck in this Rut Forever? Thankfully No!


Just the way we created and accepted our Automatic 'Negative' Habits, we can learn to create Automatic 'Positive' Habits! Most people believe it takes 21 to 28 days to change a Habit… What if We Can Create Positive Change Much more Rapidly? What if we can help you start living A Better Life Right Away and Transform the Negative Habits into Positive Habits So You Can Start Living Your Best Life!


What if We Can Do in Minutes to Hours What Most Can't Do In Weeks, Months and Years!


Over the years we have helped many people just like you, Live Better, Happier and Healthier lives, and in just a few sessions! Let Us Help You Begin Living the Life You Most Want To Live!

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6. Awaken Full Human & Spiritual Potential

Have you ever heard stories of people doing amazing things with their mind and body?Did you know virtually every ancient culture has these stories and to them, this is just a normal way of life.

How Would You Like To:

  • Awaken Your Hidden Intelligence!
  • Open Your Innate Senses and Perceptions!
  • Create Increasing Ease and Flow in Your Life!
  • Experience the truth of Who You Are at the Highest Levels!

What is Our Full Potential?

We Can Help!

Scientists are only now able to measure and prove we all have these talents laying dormant within us. What if we can wake them up? How would your life be if you could access more of your memory and recall the answers when you want them? How would your life be if you could access the information from all of your senses, not just our 5 conscious senses?


Did you know in 1994 a man named Ingo Swann ran the Remote Viewing program for the CIA. He reported to a group at the United Nations that we all have at least 17 extra Sensory Perceptions that each of us can learn to use? We may in fact have many more senses, some believe hundreds yet to be discovered…


Here's a question: Are you aware of every possible function your computer can do? If so, are you able to use them all? Here's the point… You have all of the Potentials, Capacities and Capabilities you have whether or not you are aware of them… What if we can help you begin opening all this in a Safe and Gentle way so Life Gets Better and Better?

Over the years we have helped many people just like you, Live Better, Happier and Healthier lives, and in just a few sessions! Let Us Help You Begin Living the Life You Most Want To Live!

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Enjoy Life-Lasting Results

Sadly, most people are"Problem" oriented... When we search for problems, guess what we find??? More Problems!!! This means most people are moving "away" from what they "don't want"... which wastes tremendous energy and focus because 'Problem Avoidance' solves nothing and the problems tend to wait for us and pile up until we can learn what we can actually do about them...

People who are "Solution" oriented tend to have much better lives because they begin immediately looking for what they can do to permanently resolve the problems and get back to enjoying life... They have learned there is a lesson within 'every' problem and as they actively learn these lessons, problems continue getting fewer and fewer and life keeps getting easier and easier... And Best of All, problems automatically begin transforming into "Opportunities"... Just imagine life where opportunities are everywhere and you just have to choose the  ones you want most...


A couple of the most Wonderful things about 'TPM®':

First, TPM® is a this is a "Teach To Fish" process... You may have heard the saying: "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Rather that just helping you solve a problem or two so life gets a little better (Giving You a Fish), TPM® actually transforms the foundational way in which our mind works and literally teaches our Mind to work Better, Faster and Smarter. We just begin using more of our Mind's fuller potential and Our Life continues getting better and better.


Also, TPM® is an"internal to external" process of teaching and helping our mind help itself. Most processes are external to internal where the 'practitioner' helps the client resolve a problem, and the next time we have a problem, we have to go back to the practitioner to help us again, and again... While this is a great 'business' model, TPM® is about teaching you and your mind-body all the resources, tools, skills, knowledge and experience you need to resolve your own problems... for a better lifetime...


Generally we help you resolve even the deepest problems in a way they can never really be problems again because 'A Problem is only a problem until you find the Solution'... after that it is just what we do the next time the situation or circumstance comes around... This is the process of transforming 'Problems' into 'Opportunities'... We find whatever we search for, so when we start looking for opportunities, guess what we find!  Just let us know you are ready to begin living yours because we are always hear to Help You Begin Living Your Most Amazing Life Today!


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