What We Do

What We Do

Amazing Life Wellness is a collection of the world’s best tools, technologies, techniques, and understandings about the mind and body having been developed over the past 30 plus years. We use these processes to not only help you eliminate problems and challenges in your life but we do this in a way that teaches your mind to learn how best to take care of you from now on.

We Help Many People Completely Resolve Their Toughest Issues in generally in 3 visits or less! Even issues that have plagued our clients for most of their Lives!

We Use The Processes of:

  • Educating the Mind(ETM)
  • Thought Pattern Management™ (TPM)
  • The A.R.T of UC Love
  • Neuro-Linguistics (NLP)
  • Advanced Hypnosis
  • Guided Imagery
  • Clean Language
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Mind and Body Energetics
  • and More . .

We’ve educated ourselves with these and other powerful processes because of our dedication to helping you. Our philosophy is one of constantly providing the best tools, techniques and processes that not only resolve problems, but also empower our clients to continually generate and accelerate the positive changes they want in their lives long after their problems are gone.

Our goal is to give you everything you need to live the rich life you desire on every level and we are committed to helping you achieve not only your goals, but also your greatest dreams!

It’s easy to find out more. Just contact us for your Free No Obligation 30 minute Consultation at your earliest convenience.

Our offices are located in the Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington USA areas and we see clients Nationally and Internationally, In Person, by Phone and Skype.

For those driving Long-distances or Flying in to PDX,
We’re happy to help you find comfortable accommodations.

Educating the Mind

Educating the Mind™ is two things:
First it’s “the way our process works,” by teaching the mind how to resolve its own issues, problems, challenges and function at its highest levels.
Second, it’s a specific set of tools and processes we use to help kids and adults with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other seeming learning deficiencies.

The Way Our Process Works:

Our Process is unique in that it teaches the mind to use the best tools and strategies available to increase function, improve memory, gain resiliency, and resolve challenges on it’s own.

Remember the phrase: “Give someone a fish and feed them for a day, teach them to fish and feed them for a lifetime”

We first need to be taught “how to learn,” or more specifically how our minds are hardwired to learn. It’s now known that at least part of the issues with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other reported “learning Disabilities” are due to the ‘unique wiring’ in the neurology of the brain. Other factors may include, Nutrition, Allergies, Perceived Traumas, and Negative Emotional Events among other things, including what we currently believe about ourselves.

If you look deeper, most children and adults ‘labeled’ with these supposed ‘learning disabilities’ are highly intelligent and many times gifted in ways that are not recognized by the established systems.  However when the underlying issues are identified and the proper strategies utilized, we can learn to excel not only in their fields of our choice, but in Life as well.

The Specific Tools and Processes

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Eliminating Learning Blocks
  • Resolve Emotional Blocks
  • Instruction in specific Learning Strategies
  • Re-Education of Family & Relatives
  • Follow-up Skill Reinforcement

These tools and processes were developed by Robert Fletcher, an amazing teacher and innovator in the art of teaching a person How to Learn in the way that best works for them. Many school systems still have a ‘One Size Fits All’ mentality and as you may know, this can be a big part of the problem.
Our gratitude goes to those more progressive school systems out there who teach with a much broader understanding of the individuals preferred style of learning. It is our sincere hope that one day soon the communities will no longer need our services!

Thought Pattern Management®

Thought Pattern Management® (TPM) is the creation of Robert Fletcher. It is most simply a very powerful and yet gentle set of tools, processes, and understandings that allow a person to ‘ask’ the mind to tap into it’s own innate ability to heal itself and the body, in addition to changing it’s deep seated behaviors.

Thought Pattern management® at it’s simplest, is a way of asking the mind to heal itself and the body, and to resolve any and all manor of problems, challenges and issues, from the mildly irritating and frustrating to the all-consuming, life wrecking traumas and phobias that have debilitated many for most of their life.  These tools work with mental, emotional, psychological, physiological, and anatomical issues because the mind controls not only the environment of body, it controls it’s functions and beliefs as well.

Using a unique understanding of the mind and working within it’s complex structure and language, we are able to teach the mind how to resolve it’s problems in such a way that they can no longer be problems.  It is a way of getting back in control of your life by regaining harmony within the mind and body.  TPM is the “How To” for all of the ‘self help’ books that tell us ‘what to do’, such as ‘Quiet the Monkey Mind’ or ‘Be Here, Be Present, and Be Now’ without telling us exactly how to get there . . . TPM is the owners manual to the mind!  Once the mind learns how to resolve problems and negative behaviors, it automatically begins to take care of itself.

Robert spent over 45 years studying the power of the mind and then distilled all of his learnings into some very simple, easy to learn, process that are both extremely powerful, and yet very gentle at the same time.  These are the tools that change lives for good!  These are generative processes, meaning that the mind and body and the behaviors continue to improve long after the sessions are over.

The A.R.T. of Unconditional Love™

The A.R.T. of Unconditional Love™ is a very Simple and Easy to Master process of Rapid Transformation. Distilled from many powerful transformational modalities, the A.R.T. of UC Love™ is Safe, Easy, Quick and Effective way of moving through Mountains of Problems, Challenges adn Issues in just minutes. The A.R.T. of UC Love™ almost instantly transforms problems into solutions and solutions into opportunities to Live a Better Life Now!


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of tools and understandings developed in the 1970’s that help people to understand what is happening in the minds of people. Given the same event, people will have a wide range of responses to that event. The science of NLP not only helps to explain how this is possible, it also helps us to understand how to exchange one type of behavior for another more effective and beneficial behavior.

These tools explain how the mind works, what behaviors mean, how a person thinks and what the mind is really ‘trying’ to accomplish to give the practitioner insight as to how to effect positive change for the person in a relatively short time.

Advanced Hypnosis

Hypnosis in the classical sense is the induction of a state called trance. While we may find ourselves naturally in this state periodically throughout the day, it’s simply part of the normal function of your mind and brain. In the simplest sense it is a state of mental focus and can involve a feeling of relaxation.

Clinical Hypnosis usually involves deeper states of trance, which are known to bypass the critical thinking part of the mind and help the person become more open to the suggestions of the hypnotherapist. By accessing the deeper states of the mind, the person becomes more willing to alter their behaviors.

Medical Hypnosis is the use of trance to help the person undergo medical procedures such as surgery with reduced or in some cases no need of anesthetic or pain medication and also tends to help the person recover from the procedures more quickly and with fewer complications.

Advanced Hypnosis is the current understanding that the sub ‘levels’ of the mind are always active and the practitioner can help the person affect their desired outcomes while the person is wide awake. We believe utilizing this type of hypnosis is the safest and because the person remains fully aware and in control therefore allowing for clearer direction and understanding of the problems resolution without the need for manipulation.

Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is the process of having the mind explore and gain new understandings and resolving challenges through the minds internal ability to imagine. Through parable or story like settings, sometimes designed specifically for the person, the internal imagery helps them find the resources and understandings they need to resolve the issues and problems in their life.

This imagery in the mind is very powerful because it elicits the internal ‘Ah Hah!’ moment for the person. These ‘epiphanies’ or personal ‘revelations’ bring about what is known as ‘inductive learning,’ and is by far, one of the most powerful ways to create change.

Many of the greatest literary works in history are considered so because of their effect across nations and even across generations as they helped change and broaden the current understandings and bring us to the higher truths and greater meanings in life more quickly than if we had searched them out for ourselves.

Clean Language

Imagine going to a foreign land and trying to have even your basic needs met without speaking the language… Clean Language is an understanding of how our whole mind functions and the language through which we can ‘cleanly’ communicate with all of the levels and layers of our innate intelligence.

By understanding how to effectively communicate with our Conscious, Sub-Conscious, Un-Conscious and Super-Conscious aspects of mind, we can safely get to the deepest foundational levels of our problems, challenges and issues, and guide our mind into finding the resources and solutions it needs to overcome and resolve even our deepest and most troublesome mental, emotional, physical and spiritual limitations, boundaries and constraints that have held us back from the life we most want to live.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Our Emotional Freedom from Fear, Stress, Anxiety, False Beliefs and more is one of the greatest freedoms we can have! EFT is a very Quick, Safe and Effective way of getting beyond the hurt, Pain and Suffering of our Past and Present Feelings and Emotions.  This process is easy to learn and powerful to use on virtually any Problem, Challenge or Issue in Your Life!

Mainstream Allopathic medicine is just beginning to recognize the energetic component of the mind and body, many cultures have known how to create and affect positive health in the mind and body using natural energies for thousands of years.

Acupuncture and Acupressure utilize the ‘rivers of light’ known as energy meridians to promote health. Reiki is simply ‘Rei’ or Source and ‘Ki’ is Energy, and Reiki is simply working with our source energy. Reiki utilizes the natural ‘flow’ of energy from all around us and through us to restore healthy vigor and balance. There are many documented types of Energetic remedies and they seem to work amazingly, even though science has only recently had the means to measure and quantify the effects of this naturally occurring energy that other cultures have known to be valid and used successfully for thousands of years. This energy was documented by NASA space program.

When you think about it, everything at it’s most basic core, is just energy. Another way to look at it is, everything has a frequency (energy) and in the quantum world, energy expresses itself as either a particle or as a wave, either way it’s still just energy. The food we take in is converted to chemical and electrical energy and it goes on and on . . .

So, if everything is at it’s most basic parts is energy, then we too must be energy at our most basic parts as well. You can now imagine our intelligent mind controlling and affecting our physical, Mental and our Emotional energies. All we are doing is helping our Mind and Bodies do what they are naturally trying to do to restore balance, health and wellness.

In short, the mind has the ability to create, manipulate and use energy to promote wellness and well-being.